Ski Trucks

Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our business model. Our experienced staff will help get you on the mountain faster, easier, and cheaper by finding products that match your body and preferences. We do our best to give you exactly what you need according to the information you provide, but in the event that you need an exchange or refund, we are here to help make sure you are completely satisfied!

100% Satisfaction Guarenteed

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, Ski Trucks will refund the complete price of the item (not shipping costs). Customer must pay return shipping. Please refer to our “How to Avoid Wrong Sizes” section below in order to receive accurately sized items. Ski Trucks has been doing mail orders for over 35 years, 10 years before the internet ever was, and has unique methods of information gathering (different than anyone else in the industry). However, if we receive accurate measurements, we are accurate in shipping correctly fitted items the first time.

A refund can be given only for items that are:

  • unused and in the original condition received
  • shipped within 7 days after receipt of product by the purchaser

Store credit can be given in the form of a gift card or online voucher for items that are:

  • unused and in original condition received
  • returned over 7 days after receipt of product by the purchaser

Wrong sizes

Before purchasing skis, snowboards, and other gear requiring specific sizing, you will be asked to provide specific body measurements for the person who will be using each item. When creating a skier/rider profile, we need actual measurements, not estimates. This is required so that your gear can be fitted correctly the first time before shipping. We will not ship items based off standard label sizing (e.g. size 12 boot) due to inconsistent sizing between brands and models. Please take the time to get the exact measurements the first time. Thank you!

If items are the wrong size or don’t fit correctly due to lack of proper measuring on the customer’s part, the customer must pay return shipping back to our warehouse. If we are asked to ship products based on the label sizing instead of actual body measurements and the customer requests an exchange, the customer is required to pay return shipping. Only exchanges and store credit will be given if customers fail to provide accurate measurements.

Note: We recommend the use of a soft-cloth tape measure for more accurate information.